Security is key to making transactions online.
We provide the infrastructure you need
without requiring your personal data

Bitcoin was built to minimize the trust required in financial transactions and asset management. We’re here to bring that vision to businesses and individuals by providing secure access to the BTC network.

The overhead in both time and cost to run your own Bitcoin node and payment infrastructure can be prohibitive for some businesses and so we do all the hard work for you.

You can subscribe for a 3, 6 or 12 month contract which will give you access to our BTCPAY server instance which is open source software and actively developed and maintained.

Our BTCPAY Sserver backed by our own Bitcoin full node, this means that we provide the complete workflow for generating and submitting transactions.

In using our services, you also help to add security to the network by helping to fund infrastructure to run a full bitcoin node!

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Any e-commerce payment system
needs high levels of availability to
reliably process customer transactions

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The availability of your payment gateway is critical to making a sale.  If the gateway is unavailable then your customer experience is going to suffer.

We use industry standard monitoring software accross all of our infrastructure to ensure that our endpoints are available and services are running.

Our systems are monitored 24×7 to ensure that the gateway is available to your customers.  With our premium package, we can provide you with email service notifications so you know as soon as we do when an alert has been triggered.

Our extensive experience with customer service and managing software as a solution services means that issues will be handled with the highest levels of competency to restore availability at the earliest opportunity.


Runcrypto provide robust solutions
to enable online Bitcoin payments
from your e-commerce sites.

Availability goes a long way to creating a reliable service but there are a host of other factors that go along with it.

The software stack that goes to making up a payment gateway needs to be maintained by installing bug fixes and the testing that goes along with that.

We work to ITIL best practices and have scheduled maintenance windows to apply patches or upgrade software.

Each release of new software is tested prior to promoting to production.   Premium customers will have access to our testnet gateway to test their applications.

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We provide systems to
reduce friction in transactions
and simplify payments management

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Functionality without excellent user experience doesn’t benefit anyone.  Customers and Administrators alike need to have the confidence to use software in a predictable way.

The Runcrypto Bitcoin Payment Gateway hides complexity but still provides a huge amount of functionality.  Administrators are able to manage multiple sites and destinations for funds, whilst customers are provided with QR code that can be scanned to create the transaction.

With our premium package we will take you through, step by step, to get your payment gateway live.  Show you around the user interface and create a test transaction for you on the Bitcoin testnet.

BTCPAY server is the software that we provide as a front end to our payment gateway and is a leader in providing e-commerce transactions for Bitcoin.