Services offered by Runcrypto are geared towards enabling users and Businesses alike.

Our initial list of services focus on bringing Bitcoin to commerce via website integration or point of sale systems.  Bitcoin plays a big part in our company mission of empowering people through decentralised, trustless systems.

Outside of monetary systems, we also champion the use of self-sovereign identity systems through decentralised and trustless infrastructure.  We’ve dedicated time into researching and contributing to this emerging sector which promises to revolutionise and empower people to manage their identities in a digital world.


Runcrypto have all the experience you need to add Bitcoin payments to your ecommerce site via on-chain bitcoin transactions or off-chain using Lightning payements.  If you’re not sure what that means then don’t worry – we’re here to guide you through every step of the way!
Adding the option for Bitcoin payments on your site or at your point of sale  will give you and your customers a way to transact securely without the friction generated using third party payment providers.

Bitcoin Payment Gateway

For on-chain payments we provide you a gateway to the Bitcoin network using our Bitcoin Payment Gateway
Redirect your payments to our site to create on-chain transactions.

The payment server does not need to know your private keys, so you maintain full control of your Bitcoin.

A user-friendly Bitcoin checkout page for your customers.

Manage, generate reports, and search for your invoices easily.

Runcrypto Lightning

For instant online payments use our Runcrypto Lightning service.  Generate and present lightning invoices direct from your website.

Build on tried and tested, open source software

Instant transactions using the lightning network

Accept payments from across the globe in a universal currency

Professional Services

For independent advice on integrating Bitcoin into your workflows or about other blockchain technologies give us a call.

Bitcoin applications from simple payment systems to more complex scripting requirements such as escrow.

All you need to know about Lightning Network transactions, setting up payment channels and creating elegant user interfaces.

Emerging self sovereign identity systems and how they are changing the face of digital identities